Christ the King Redemptive Ministries

Christ the King Redemptive Ministries was founded by Chief Apostle Christopher A. McQueen along with his wife, Prophetess Dr. Crystal J. McQueen in Toledo, Ohio in June 9, 2002. The founding membership was only 7 members. God used Apostle Chris and Prophetess Crystal, as they came to be known, to change and transform the lives of countless people.

From the very beginning of this ministry, many people would come and experience life changing worship. The Shekinah glory of the Lord would fill the sanctuary and the Holy Spirit would speak through Apostle Chris and Prophetess Crystal. The atmosphere would be charged and those in attendance would receive miracles, healing and deliverance. Deaf ears were opened, cancers dissolved and went into remission, heart conditions, and diabetes were healed. People experienced deliverance and left alternative lifestyles with no residue of the former life they left behind. Many more miracles, signs, and wonders have occurred due to the anointing that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed on Apostle Chris and Prophetess Crystal McQueen. Apostle Chris and Prophetess Crystal birthed out The Sanctuary of CTKRM in Cocoa, Florida in June of 2014. They are currently working with the community and other ministries in the area to create growth, elevation and a greater quality of life in the Central Florida region.

In 2008, Apostle Chris was called to Kenya. While in Kenya, Apostle Chris installed Apostle Joel Shiundu Apamo as the Overseeing Bishop of Christ the King Redemptive Centre in Kenya. Shortly afterwards, the Lord Jesus Christ added to Christ the King Redemptive Ministries churches, schools, and orphanages throughout Africa. Since that time, Apostle Chris and Prophetess Crystal have traveled to Liberia and have plans to return in 2020 to be a part of the African Women for Jesus Conference, in which Prophetess Crystal is currently a board member. Apostle Chris will be going to Nigeria in 2019 and assisting with several other kingdom of God endeavors throughout Africa and the world in the near future.

The CTKRM Kingdom Convergence organization was birthed out in 2018 and the inaugural Gathering was held where Chief Apostle Christopher McQueen became the bishop-designate of the organization. Bishop-designate Christopher McQueen will be consecrated, along with Bishop-elect, Apostle Melanie D. G. Howard, into the bishopric in September 2019 during the CTKRM Kingdom Convergence Gathering, by Chief Apostle Olive C. Brown, Presiding Prelate of International Christian Ministries, Richmond, VA. The CTKRM Kingdom Convergence, will focus on fostering community and empowerment through convergence throughout the kingdom of God.

Christ the King Redemptive Ministries is also the home of Bishopworks Media Production where Christian media, audio and visual production are created. We have a heart and a passion to produce and to see excellence in every aspect of Kingdom presentation. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of services for the ministry and the community that we serve in.