Our Mission

WOPD Mission/Vision Statement:  

Our mission is based upon the Word of God in Ephesians 4:11 -"to equip the saints for the work of the ministry”


1. To equip women for the work of the ministry by developing their spiritual gifts and talents.

 2. To engage women in missions and sharing Christ in their circle of influence.

 3. To train women to provide support and care for other women.

 4. To train women in prophetic intercession.

 5. To sharpen our skill in spiritual discipleship and mentoring.

 6. To encourage women in studying the Word.

 7. To encourage women in their family relationships and with one another.

 8. To reach the next generation of women. 

Our Core Values:

1. We value the unique needs of women and our responsibility to help meet these needs.

2. We value the spiritual gifts God has given women and our responsibility to provide opportunities for meaningful service.

 3. We value our husbands and families, as God gave women a very important role in this ministry.

 4. We value the commission of the Lord to make disciples and care for the spiritual well being of the women through studying the Word, discipleship and mentoring.

 5. We value prayer, as we are called a house of prayer.